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Labrador Stars in NAPLAN Results

In this week's newsletter is terrific news about Naplan. Our staff over the past 3+ or 5+ years have devoted much time and effort in the  teaching of your child.  In 2015 Year 3 and Year 5 students sat the Naplan Test.  Children are tested for reading, writing, spelling, grammar, punctuation and numeracy skills.
The growth in learning from Year 3 to 5 in this years results is very good. This must be credited to the teaching and learning that occurred in 2014 in Year 4 and the first 14 weeks in Year 5 of 2015. To the teachers that were part of this journey take time to smile and say to yourself I played a part in these very positive results.

The following Naplan Top Achievers will receive their Gold Medal and Certificate at the Week 7 Parade on Thursday 27 August commencing at 2:15pm. These students have excelled and are in the top 2 bands for at least 3 of the 5 strands for Naplan.
Congratulations to:

Year 3: Paige, Nevaeh, Matthew, Sienna, Edan, Sarah,Kyran, Evie, Zain, Paige, Reed, Aimee, Melek, Kirrs, Maddelin, Natalia, Xavier, Dylan, Zac, Kaiya, Tyrah, Mobina, Jorja, Jenna, Tyler, Sonja, Harry, Leila, Elijah-Jack, Thamir, Thirth, Uros, Rebecca, Sana, Ayoush, Zachery, Caleb, Stella, Nyoman.
Year 5: Jake, Tamsin, Dylan, Piper, Lola, Jordan, Talia, Keeley, Bhelen, Taya, Honisti, Anya, Jai, Eli, Ruben, Aisah, Brianna, Xavier M., Lucy, Kai, Khalil, Amina, Ryan, Charmaine, Saka-Rose, Alison, Holly, Shiralee, Jamai, Sevda, Heath, Kiah, Daniel, Dion, Haben, Elma, Jarian, Pixie.
As well Sarah B. in year 3 will receive a trophy due to an outstanding result. Sarah achieved the highest banding in all 5 strands. A fantastic result.
Also Eli L. and Lola C. in year 5 will receive a trophy due to an outstanding result. Lola and Eli achieved the highest banding in all 5 strands. Power Learners.
Last Wednesday Individual student Naplan results were sent home to parents. To support parent and carer understanding of the report please go to this url
Congratulations to all our students who participated in Naplan. Your hard work as a group is noted. I am very proud of you.