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Support of Prep & Year 1 Reading Term 3


​This term students in Prep and Year will receive additional support with the practice of their reading skills. Every Monday-Thursday each Prep and Year One class will have a 30 minute Supported Reading lesson.

The lessons are guided by either the classroom teacher, teacher aides or Support Teachers.

 The goals of each lesson are to:...
• further develop each child’s reading skills
• model and develop the independent use of reading decoding strategies (makes sense, sounds right, looks right, Eagle Eye, Lips the Fish, Stretchy Snake, Chunky Monkey, Skippy Frog) and reading comprehension skills
• use the Pause, Prompt, Praise strategy when listening to a reader
• foster and promote an enjoyment of reading
Thank you to the many parents who regularly share book experiences and listen to their child read at home. Research tells us that the regular practice of reading is a key contributing factor to reading success.
If you have any questions please contact Sandy Bishop (P-1 Support Teacher)