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Testing and assessment

Testing and Assessment

At Labrador SS we use many different forms of assessment to identify the specific needs of students, monitor student progress, identify whether referral to an outside agency is appropriate or to confirm aspects of student learning or behaviour. This assessment may be done individually, in small groups or whole classes.

Some of the common standardised assessment tools used in our school are:

Benchmark Assessment System (P-6) – Reading assessment to analyse a child’s level of reading ability, comprehension and the reading strategies the child uses.

Keymaths3 (1-6) – Maths assessment covering all strands of maths.

One Minute Maths Test (1-6) – Operations in maths.

Single Word Spelling Test (1-6) – Identifies whether a student is performing within their age range in spelling.

Single Word Reading Test (1-6) - Identifies whether a student is performing within their age range in reading.

Words Their Way (1-6) – Spelling assessment that identifies which phase of spelling the student is working in.

NAPLAN (3,5) – Reading, Numeracy, Writing and Language Conventions testing done nationally.

Sutherland Phonological Awareness Test Revised (SPAT-R) (P-3) - a simple and comprehensive standardised test that provides an overview of the phonological awareness skills required for early literacy development.

Expressive Vocabulary Test 2nd Ed (EVT-2) and Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test 4th Ed (PPVT4) – Used in conjunction with each other to offer a system for comparing receptive and expressive vocabulary.

Screening Assessment for Gifted Elementary and Middle School Students 2nd Ed. (SAGES-2) (P-6) – Used to identify students who are gifted in academics and reasoning.

(Additional assessment may be completed by the Guidance Officer, after consultation with the parent/carer.)

Students are also assessed on their classwork, which is moderated across the year level to ensure balance and equity.​