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Rules and policies

Responsible behaviour plan:

At Labrador State School, our aim is to create an environment for the learner that promotes self-management and responsible behaviour.  Due to the fact that we are catering for individual differences, we understand that students will achieve our goals at different paces.

We believe that in order to realise our vision we need to create an environment that is safe, supportive and disciplined and that acknowledges:

  • The rights of all students to learn
  • The rights of teachers to teach
  • The rights of all to be safe
  • The rights of all to be treated with respect and dignity

Our school’s responsible behaviour plan clearly shows how we provide a safe environment that encourages learning.

Download our school’s Responsible behaviour plan (DOC, 1321 KB)​​​

Uniform list:

The school has a set uniform with the colours being yellow and black. There are a variety of options available for students – with all uniforms being available at the uniform and bookstore.

Download a copy of the school uniform pricelist (DOC, 101 KB)

Parent handbook:​

All parents are encouraged to become familiar with the parent handbook. This details much of the day to day operations of the school and what your children may be involved in while at Labrador State School.

Download Labrador State School’s parent handbook​ (DOC, 1186 KB)

Payment procedures:

The school has a cash window – with operating hours of 8:15 am – 9:30 am Wednesday and Thursday mornings.

Education Queensland and Labrador State School would like to encourage all parents to start paying for all school related expenses using internet banking. Internet banking enables payment at your own convenience, no queuing at the cash window and quicker processing by school administration staff.

Please contact our friendly office staff if you require the details to bank online in order to pay for school excursions and or costs.