Classroom Music

Classroom Music is offered to all classes from Prep to Grade 6 at Labrador State School. Our philosophy is that every child can succeed in music and also that Music Education supports brain development and therefore development in all other learning areas. A positive and supportive environment is provided to encourage participation and learning. At Labrador State School music is considered important to every student's development and therefore every child across the school participates, including those from Intensive English Centre and Special Education Program. No child is taken out for other purposes during their class' music time. Each class participates in a 30 minute lesson once a week with a specialist music teacher.

In the early years (Prep – Year 2) the focus is on the enjoyment of music with an emphasis on singing and learning musical appreciation through a variety of songs and games and the use of untuned percussion instruments.

In Grades Three and Four the students use a variety of instruments and start to develop the more technical side of music literacy including note reading and values as well as continuing singing and other activities to develop music skills.

In the Senior School there is a big emphasis on composing and performing, including lyric writing and exploring different styles of music using glockenspiels and xylophones as the main instruments.


Labrador State School has two choirs.

Junior Choir- Year 1-2

Senior Choir- Year 3-6

Both the Choirs rehearse during a lunch hour once a week.

Our school choirs are highly valued at Labrador and represent our school at many events including Anzac Day, Nashos Commemorative Service, Fanfare, Eisteddfods and community Christmas Carols during the year.

Strings Instrumental Program

The Strings program starts in Grade Three after the testing process in Grade Two. This program continues through to Grade Six. Selected students are offered places in the first instance before other offers are made. Instruments include violin, viola, cello and double bass. Students are required to purchase their own violins, as there are a limited number of school instruments available, but may hire cellos and double basses. Each student attends one half hour lesson a week and from their second year they must also attend a before school ensemble rehearsal. There is levy charged that covers many items as well any performances that may include bus travel throughout the year and a performance shirt.

The Multi program starts in Grade Four and continues through to Grade Six.  It encompasses woodwind, brass and percussion instruments. The testing process occurs in Grade Three and offers are made in the first instance to successful students before other offers are made. Students may purchase their own instruments but largely all have the opportunity to hire for the first year before needing to purchase their own. It is then expected that majority will have their own instrument to allow hiring to the following year’s beginners.

In approved cases students may be involved in both the Strings and Multi Instrumental programs at the same time.

Last reviewed 05 December 2019
Last updated 05 December 2019