Behaviour management

Primary school education lays the foundations for life long learning. It sets students up for success by laying the foundations in numeracy, literacy and social skills. Positive behaviour is the responsibility of all members of the Labrador community, including, but not limited to staff, parents, students, government and community organisations. 

Only by working together can schools maximise the learning outcomes for students. At Labrador State School this is illustrated by the school’s motto, Of One Accord, which is defined as:

If a number of people do something with one accord, they do it together or at the same time, because they agree about what should be done.

It is important that when enrolling at Labrador State School families read and agree to this document. By supporting the school to take and maintain a high standard around behaviour all students, families, community and the school will benefit.

Labrador State School has a long and proud tradition of providing high quality education to students from across the Gold Coast since its creation in 1921.  Many great people have come through the school and continue the tradition of developing life long learners who contribute to their community. We believe strong, positive relationships between all members of our school are the foundation to supporting the success of all students.

Labrador State School has 5 core values:  


These values have been used in the development of this Student Code of Conduct, with the aim of helping shape and build the skills of all our students to be confident, self-disciplined and kind young people.  Our school staff believe that communication and positive connections with other people are the most valuable skills our communities need now and in the future. 

Our values are underpinned by our school prayer and anti-bullying pledge that each student commits to each assembly. Our school prayer:

Labrador School Prayer
We pray for many blessings
For the work we do today
That we may do it well
Both in school and out
We try to do our best in all things
Let us be honest, peaceful and kind
And co-operate with each other.

Labrador State School staff take an educative approach to discipline, that behaviour can be taught and that mistakes are opportunities for everyone to learn.  Our Student Code of Conduct provides an overview of the school’s local policies on use of mobile phones and other technology, removal of student property and the approach to preventing and addressing incidents of bullying.  It also details the steps school staff take to educate students about these policies and how students are explicitly taught the expected behaviours. Finally, it details the consequences that may apply when students breach the expected standards of behaviour, including the use of suspension or exclusion.

I thank the students, teachers, parents and other members of the community for their work in bringing this Labrador State School Student Code of Conduct together over the last six months.  It provides a clear explanation of what we expect from students and how we will support them to meet those expectations.     

Labrador State School is committed to providing a safe, respectful and disciplined learning environment for all students, staff, parents and visitors.  

Labrador State School Student Code of Conduct sets out the responsibilities and processes we use in our school to promote a productive, effective whole school approach to discipline.  

Its purpose is to facilitate high standards of behaviour from all in the school community, ensuring learning and teaching in our school is prioritised, where all students are able to experience success and staff enjoy a safe workplace.   

To view a full copy of the Student Code of Conduct by clicking here
Last reviewed 27 January 2021
Last updated 27 January 2021